Secure your business assets

Security is one of the largest risk factors affecting business today. Don’t leave managing risk to chance.

Business Without Perimeters

Do you teach staff how to keep their company data secure on their phones, home PCs, tablets?

Often, Business Managers we talk to, are not aware how IT security can affect them because they can’t imagine what circumstances would make their data interesting to a “hacker”.  The answer is that the target is mostly not you or your business as such, it is what you have access to: internet banking login details, customer credit card details, your contacts lists, even just your computer itself as a platform to deliver spam.

If you use your business email address than you are linked to your business – Social Media and many sites use email addresses to update information about you automatically without your knowledge.

How We Can Help?

Security Assessment 

Do you know what you’ve got?
Is the hardware and software up to the demands?
Is the IT being used safely, efficiently? Is the firewall working?
Do you have areas of risk where you are vulnerable to internal or external threats?

To assist you to discover the answers to these questions, our qualified staff will complete a Security Assessment on your site with the following outcomes:

– Be conducted onsite
– Identify the IT assets of the company
– Evaluate your current technology in terms of its suitability for your business needs
– Assist you to determine what IT related risks and threats you are exposed to
– Report on findings with opportunity for discussion and follow-up


Why Are We The Best?

Experience the System Squared difference, call 1300 72 55 92!
Experience the System Squared difference, call 1300 72 55 92!